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Holbein’s painting as an Optical Symbol for the text

Seeing the image of Holbein’s 1533 painting “The Ambassadors” adds to my reading of the book because it suggest that the story will focus on how wealth and social class affect the characters living conditions and the people whom the … Continue reading

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Motion pictures present Modernity

Eadweard Muybridge creation of being able to capture pictures in motion was a facinating yet controversal contribution to the world. Muybridge’s interest with capturing the muscles of animals and viewing images that the human eye was unable to see on … Continue reading

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Conscious State of Mind…

Rita Carter’s discussion of consciousness in 2002 compares with William James’s in 1890 in a way in which both authors address our conscious state of mind. Carter and James mentions that our minds are always working, providing examples of how … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Ideas

1) Shift in Vision (perhaps discussing Crary’s camera obscura model; a tool that allowed people to see realistic images) 2) Fabrication of the Eye (perhaps discussing Hoffman’s explanations of how the human eye has the ability to fabricate what we … Continue reading

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